Bring Vaxxed To Your City – Theatrical On Demand

Individuals and community groups across the U.S now have the opportunity to bring Vaxxed to a movie theatre in their city. To do this, Vaxxed has partnered with Gathr, a “Theatrical On Demand” service that will organize one-night theatrical screenings in your city once enough tickets have been reserved. If a screening request does not meet the required number then no one will be charged for their ticket reservation. We hope to bring this program to Canada soon and will have an update by August 1st.

Click Here for a List of Gathr Screenings

This program is only for one-night screenings in a theatrical environment in your city. If you would rather host a screening with more control in a venue of your choice then please view our screening licenses here.


Check the map for a screening near you and reserve tickets or see confirmed screenings in list form here (updated weekly)! If you don’t find one, then request a screening and become a Team Captain of your very own VAXXED theatrical screening!


Hosting a screening is easy: you just pick the date, time, and theater where you want to host your screening and Gathr will set everything up for you. All you have to do is help promote the film and get people to reserve tickets.

Request a screening today and start promoting your event to hit the minimum number of reserved tickets to “greenlight” your show.

**Gathr screenings can only happen if a minimum number of people reserve tickets before a screening request expires. On every screening page you’ll find an update that shows you the number of current reservations, the number of additional reservations needed to tip the screening, as well as how much time remains before that screening request expires.

Host your own screening!
Or enter your location to find or request a screening near you.

For questions and support please visit Gathr’s Support Section or email

Some Vaxxed Specific Frequently Asked Questions

More information and FAQs will be delivered to Movie Captains.

1.If I sign-up to be a Movie Captain, how will I know what to do?

Gathr will send you a Movie Captain toolkit with promotional items and instructions.

2. Can I host a Q&A or discussion after the screening?

Yes, there will be 20 minutes after the film ends to allow organizers to host their own discussion.

3. Can I hand out literature or leaflets?

Only to patrons in your assigned theatre. Please DO NOT harass other patrons in the theatre  as this can result in a theatre chain cancelling all future screenings.

4. How can I get the filmmakers to come to our screening for a Q & A? Can I host my own without them?

Updated – 11/22: The Vaxxed filmmakers have recently completed a length Vaxxed Bus Tour where they toured the country visiting various Gathr screenings. They are deserving a much needed break, but do plan to continue to tour again in January of 2017.

If you would like to request the filmmakers at your event then you can do so through this form. We cannot guarantee that the filmmakers will be available or that we can respond to every request.

6. Will Vaxxed provide promotional materials for our event?

The Vaxxed toolkit for Movie Captains will contain generic promotional graphics and posters and flyers with fields for your event information. Due to the high volume of screenings we expect, we will not be able to do custom promotional materials. However, we have created and gathered some materials you can use here.

If you are a Movie Captain and would like to receive physical versions of the poster or flyer then please fill out the this form.

7. Will the theatre promote the screening on their website?

No, Theatrical On Demand events will not be listed on the websites of any the theatres.

8. How do I get Vaxxed to promote my event.

Once your screening is created it will automatically be added to the map above. We will also be updating our list of screenings on a bi-weekly basis here.

9. What if I have more people than the theatre can fit?

As soon as a screening gets close to selling out Gathr will contact the venue to secure a larger room if available. The captain will be notified when more seats are available. Further, once a screening sells out Gathr will trigger a Waitlist on the screening page for people to sign up to be notified to purchase their tickets when we move to a larger room.

10. Can I sell merchandise?

Unfortunately, Merchandise sales will not be allowed in the theatre on the night of the screening, however, if your organization is interested in getting merchandise such as T shirts, bags, bracelets, hats and bumper stickers, as a fundraiser in advance, please email Jonathan Tommey for details ( – please use subject line: merchandise program for GATHR/CITY NAME

For more questions please see Gathr’s Support Section