*Efforts to bring Vaxxed to theatres in local U.S. markets have been helpful, for now we ask that you NOT call your local theatres but instead use our Theatrical On Demand program to bring Vaxxed to a theatre in your city.
**Due to the volume of emails, we are unable to respond to all the inquiries by phone and email, sorry.
*** Please read our FAQ’s as this may answer your questions, specifically about the status of the DVD, digital streaming, and release information outside of the U.S!

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We will be accommodating one-time screenings after the film’s commercial theatrical release. We are collecting information from those interested in hosting a screening through our newsletter sign-up. If interested, please sign-up below and we will reach out once our “Event Screening” program is ready. Thank you.

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Thank you in advance for your interest in this film. Due to the accelerated theatrical release, we are unable to respond to everyone individually but we appreciate your interest and support. Please sign up through the SUBSCRIBE form and we’ll circle back with updates on screenings and ways to watch as soon as we are ready to share and mobilize the many!

It is our intention that this film will screen in theatres across the US (before being available to purchase on DVD, digitally or in other countries) and we will need your help!

We also have some specific ways you can volunteer to help when you sign up