Download The CDC Autism/MMR Files Released By Dr. William Thompson

We’ve had many requests for the 10,000 CDC files that were delivered to Brian Hooker, Andrew Wakefield and Congressman Bill Posey by the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson. These files contain not only the official data from the 2004 study but also the omitted data before the CDC deviated from their analysis plan. Dr. Wakefield received the CDC documents directly from …


New Items in the Vaxxed Store

Due to popular demand and feedback from our supporters, the Vaxxed Store now features more items to choose from. Show your support for the film with your choice of 7 different t-shirt options, tote bags, hats, bumper stickers, and silicone bands. Proceeds will go towards keeping the filmmakers out on the road for Q&As and events.  


An Apology Letter from Dr. Rachael Ross

An Apology Letter: By Dr. Rachael Ross I’ve ordered thousands of vaccines in my career as a physician.   Until recently I had never considered vaccine injury as more than folklore.  Weeks ago I never would’ve believed a story about vaccine injured triplets….so the past few weeks have been difficult.  I have struggled to make sense of all that I …


Vaxxed Speeches from the 2nd Annual Health Freedom Rally – July 1st, 2016

The 2nd annual Health Freedom Rally took place in Santa Monica, California on July 1st, 2016, the same day in which the mandatory vaccine bill, SB277, went into effect for California. The Vaxxed team and many others gathered together to oppose the bill and hold a candlelight vigil for children injured by vaccines. Below are a few speeches from Andrew Wakefield (Vaxxed …