Vaxxed Launches Theatrical On Demand Program Through Gathr

Following the success of our traditional theatrical run and based on the demand for people to see the film now, starting June 24th, 2016, individuals and community groups across the U.S will have the opportunity to bring Vaxxed to a movie theatre in their city. To do this, Vaxxed has partnered with Gathr, a “Theatrical On Demand” service that will organize one-night theatrical screenings in your city once enough tickets have been reserved. If a screening request does not meet the required number then no one will be charged for their ticket reservation. We hope to bring this program to Canada soon and will have an update by August 1st.

This program is only for one-night screenings in a theatrical environment in your city. We will be rolling out additional programs for those of you who wish to hold a screening in a custom venue or as part of an event, convention, or festival in the coming weeks. If you have not signed up for our newsletter then please do so as we will be announcing the program release there. Updates on the DVD release, VOD streaming, and international access will also be announced via the newsletter soon.

Visit Our Theatrical On Demand Page Here

Since Vaxxed is still in its theatrical run, your city may already be scheduled for a theatrical release. Check our full commercial theatrical run schedule here.

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