Vaxxed Clip: Sheila Ealey, African American mother of Temple, describes how her son reacted to the MMR vaccine

Sheila Ealey describes when she brought her twins Lucinda and Temple to get their routine vaccinations at 1 year old. At the appointment, the nurse mistakenly gave her son two MMR’s vaccines in one day. “I look over and I notice that one of hers is gone. There are only two shots left for her. And I asked the nurse, what happened to the other shot? She says, “Oh my goodness, I gave it to him.” Later that night, Temple had severe reactions to the shots and she describes how he is now in his late teens and has lived the rest of his life with autism. She says, “I was so naïve that he would lead a fulfilling life. He would end up being a happy man, having a family…and my dreams for him. Every year that goes by and the older my son gets, the further that dream seems to be.”

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