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Thank you for your interest in Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe. As the film continues to pick up speed across the nation, the Vaxxed team will be updating the public in a few ways.

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    1. Dannelle Larsen

      From the Vaxxed website:

      *Efforts to bring Vaxxed to theatres in local U.S. markets have been helpful, for now we ask that you NOT call your local theatres but instead channel as many people as you can into a Facebook Group –Bring VAXXED to [YOUR CITY]

    2. Dorina Iovescu

      We have received the go ahead for the rental of Innis Hall at the University of Toronto to screen VAXXED. Kindly advise of your requirements for the screening of the film. Also refer to my email FWD of today, May 12, 2016.

      Thank you.

      Dorina Iovescu

      1. Post

        Hi Dorina, We will not be permitting individual screening events until after the film has finished its US theatrical run. At that time we will be rolling out support and tools for one-off screening events like these. If you sign-up for our newsletter (under contact) and indicate that you are interested in hosting a screening then we will follow up once that program is ready. Thanks

  1. Gene Bergmann

    We would like to see this film in UTAH. Utah has a high rate of Autism and we have a lot of children . Please get the film here. There are several private theater we can rent. What do you need per viewing to help the costs?

    We can a fill the seats…. sent me what media blitz or radio announcements that you might already have cut

      1. Post
  2. Julie

    Thank you. Saw the movie today. I have an 18 year old daughter w autism and every day is so difficult. Please stay strong and don’t give up telling the truth. Shame on big pharma. CDC execs should face criminal charges.

  3. sandi

    Where can we see this film in Atlanta Ga?
    Thank-you . I also saw your interview on Info
    God protect and bless you and your crew.

  4. Cathy Bliss

    just saw the movie in San Diego. i am so disappointed in the humans at the CDC that somehow thought it was okay to mess with the data and let so many families end up with such lifelong suffering. The movie was great. can you make an easy way to contact our lawmakers that has a paragraph already written that we can use or add to and it goes directly to the lawmakers please .

  5. Luke P

    I am in the UK and a parent of a 7yr old with Autism – We believe that our child was impacted greatly by the vaccines, how long until I can access this in the UK before pressure is applied and it is attempted to be buried! We need screenings or a dvd/legal stream release date! Ignore the critics they are ignorant and not impacted so do not care!

  6. bonbon

    thank you…..the children need us….who else is going to protect them….thank you so much for your passion for truth

  7. timothy stockert

    I have seen the damage from vaccines in my own children horrible ear infections, my wife got polio from the 1956 vaccine, my son had horrible gut pains they called colic, we almost lost my youngest son to said allergies. All were direct responses to when they were vaccinated.
    My daughter children all displayed horrible signs of encephalitic screams of brain pain and the craziest moments of melt downs. All of my sisters have families of damaged children. Fortunately they have eventually survived but why? Corperate greed is killing our county and it is maddening.

    Please let me know when I can buy copies of the Film VAXXED.

  8. Janice

    I would love to hear if you will be showing the film anywhere near Seattle, WA. I would really like to see it.

  9. Careful

    You guys are doing a wonderful work! May God uphold you and strengthen you as you seek and proclaim the truth. I hope billions of people see this movie and start practicing vaccine safety!

    1. Post
  10. Michelle Lockley

    Can we please have this movie in Australia? There was a lady from America that tried to bring this sort of information here but was stopped as every angle!! Grrrrrrrr
    They have brought it in where Vaccinations have to be done in order for you to have Child Care or Family payments!

  11. Irene Mail

    I was absolutely shocked at what the pharmaceutical companies are hiding from the people. I never have had any peace about vaccines. Now after all these years the are being exposed. Thank-you for all your scientific research.

  12. Lynn Leonhardt

    I have a grandson with Autisum I have watched my daughter struggle raising him and getting the help that he needs . This is so formative I see all the signs that where described that my grandson went through. Amazing that this would be covered up.

  13. Saharra

    Hello to all you amazing and courageous people. I have watched every snippet I can of your post-screening Q&As on YouTube . I am really looking forward to watching this movie. Any plans for screenings in Australia?

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