Live Streams & More Social Accounts to Follow

If you have been following Vaxxed on Facebook or Twitter then you may have seen our posts about live streams of the Q & A sessions with the filmmakers via Facebook and Periscope. Below are a few channels and accounts to follow if you would like to view more.   View his latest updates and live streams here on Facebook. …

Senator Richard Pan runs from Vaxxed producer’s questioning

While in Sacramento, CA the Vaxxed team visited the Capitol for a few scheduled talks with officials and Senators. Hoping to also speak with Senator Richard Pan, A key sponsor of the SB277 mandated vaccination bill, the Vaxxed team went to his office and were told that he was gone. However, Senator Pan was discovered sneaking out from his office, and when …

The Truth About Vaxxed

The truth about Vaxxed, This is the video to share with ANYONE who hasn’t seen Vaxxed, refuses to see Vaxxed or thinks Vaxxed is an anti-vaccine film.

Vaxxed Angelika NYC Premiere

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe received over 2,000 attendees on opening weekend at the Angelika Film Center NYC (April 1st, 2016). Many thanks to Francesca Alesse for creating this video and to Sean Claffey for supplying the footage.