Bring Vaxxed To Your City, Join A Facebook Group

We encourage you to join the Vaxxed community on Facebook to stay alerted to any important news in the Vaxxed movement and also to network with other like minded people in the Vaxxed community. Below is a list of Facebook groups that we have collected. If you do not see one for your city then please search through Vaxxed Groups on Facebook. If your desired group does not exist, then we invite you to create one.

‘Bring Vaxxed to Canada’
#WeWantVaxxed (Bring Vaxxed To Clarksville, TN)
Bring “Vaxxed” to Anchorage
Bring #VAXXED to Pittsburgh
Bring Vaxxed to Charlotte
Bring Vaxxed to Austin
Bring VaxXed to Austin
Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand
Bring VAXXED To Bakersfield
Bring Vaxxed To Baltimore
Bring VAXXED to Bentonville
Bring Vaxxed to Billings, MT
Bring VAXXED to Boise
Bring Vaxxed to Boston
Bring VAXXED to Canada
Bring Vaxxed to Charlotte
Bring Vaxxed to Chicago
Bring VAXXED to Cleveland, OH
Bring Vaxxed to Colorado
Bring VaxXed to Columbia, South Carolina!
Bring VaxXed to Columbus Ohio
Bring Vaxxed to Corpus Christi Texas
Bring Vaxxed to Davenport, Iowa
Bring Vaxxed to El Paso
Bring Vaxxed to France
Bring Vaxxed to Germany
Bring Vaxxed to Grand Rapids
Bring VAXXED to Grass Valley/Nevada City
Bring VAXXED to Hartford
Bring Vaxxed to Houston
Bring Vaxxed to Ireland
Bring Vaxxed to Jacksonville
Bring Vaxxed to Japan
Bring Vaxxed to Juneau
Bring VAXXED to Kalamazoo
Bring VAXXED to Kentucky
Bring Vaxxed To Knoxville
Bring VAXXED to Las Vegas
Bring VAXXED to Little Rock
Bring Vaxxed to Long Island
Bring VAXXED to Louisville
Bring VAXXED to Maine
Bring Vaxxed to Miami
Bring VAXXED to Nashville!
Bring VAXXED to New Jersey
Bring VAXXED to North Carolina
Bring VAXXED to Northwest Florida
Bring Vaxxed to OKC
Bring Vaxxed To Orlando
Bring Vaxxed to Philadelphia
Bring Vaxxed To Portland
Bring VaxXed to Quincy, CA!
Bring VAXXED To Radelaide Theaters!
Bring Vaxxed to Reno NV
Bring Vaxxed to San Antonio
Bring Vaxxed to Santa Barbara
Bring VAXXED to Seattle
Bring VAXXED to SF
Bring Vaxxed to Sonoma County
Bring Vaxxed To South Africa
Bring Vaxxed to South Africa
Bring Vaxxed to South Florida
Bring Vaxxed to Spokane
Bring vaxxed To Sweden
Bring Vaxxed to Temecula
Bring VAXXED to The Netherlands – Vaccin Vrij
Bring Vaxxed to the UK
Bring VAXXED to Toronto, Canada!
Bring Vaxxed to Traverse City
Bring VAXXED to Tulsa
Bring Vaxxed to Utah
Bring Vaxxed To VA
Bring VaxXed to Virginia
Bring Vaxxed to Washington, D.C.
Bring VAXXED to Westlake Village
Bring Vaxxed To Wichita
Bring Vaxxed to WV
Vaxxed ABQ
Bring Vaxxed to Tucson, AZ (added on 6/13)
Bring Vaxxed to Vermont (added on 6/13)
Bring Vaxxed to Santa Clarita (added on 6/13)
Bring Vaxxed to South Jersey (added on 6/13)
Bring Vaxxed to Cincinnati (added on 6/13)
Bring Vaxxed to Fargo/GF, ND (added on 6/15)
Bring Vaxxed to Toledo (added on 6/15)
Bring Vaxxed to Montreal (added on 6/16)
Bring Vaxxed to Lubbock, TX (added on 6/16)
Bring Vaxxed to Kitchener-Waterloo (added  on 6/16)
Bring Vaxxed to SLO (added on 6/17)
Bring Vaxxed to Myrtle Beach, SC (added on 6/17)
Bring Vaxxed to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (added on 6/17)
Bring Vaxxed to St. Louis (added on 6/17)
Bring Vaxxed to Ottawa (added on 6/21)
Bring Vaxxed to York, PA (added on 6/21)
Bring Vaxxed to Joplin (added on 6/21)
Bring Vaxxed to Clearwater – St. Pete (added on 6/22)
Bring Vaxxed to Southern Illinois/Marion (added on 6/24)
Bring Vaxxed to Fairbanks, Alaska (added on 6/24)
Bring Vaxxed to Hooksett, NH (added on 6/27)
Vaxxed the movie showing in NH (community Page)
Bring Vaxxed to Puerto Rico (added on 6/27)
Bring Vaxxed to Dodge City, KS (added on 6/27)
Bring Vaxxed to Amarilo (added on 6/29)
Bring Vaxxed to East Texas (added on 6/29)
Bring Vaxxed to Malibu (added on 6/30)
Bring Vaxxed to Peoria, AZ (added on 7/6)
Bring Vaxxed to Greenville, SC (added on 7/6)
Bring Vaxxed to Hutchinson, Kansas (added on 7/11)
Bring Vaxxed to India (added on 7/22)
Bring Vaxxed to the Middle East (added on 7/26)
Bring Vaxxed to Winnipeg/Canada (added on 7/27)
Bring Vaxxed to Czech Republic (added on 8/23

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  1. Carol Brouillet

    What a heartbreaking, enlightening film! It should be available to everyone and shown on public television, at the very least. I want a plan to oust the members of Congress who do not do anything on this issue, and benefit from the pharmaceutical industry at the expense o our children and future generations.

  2. Colleen Boehm

    We have a pretty good sized group at Bring Vaxxed to Milwaukee (www.facebook.com/groups/1030237557069039/). And we are growing fast!

    1. Post

      Hi Ingri, since the film is still in its theatrical run, we are not supporting individual screenings at this time. We will be rolling out an “Event Screening” program to support these types of screenings soon though. If you would like to be notified of when this program is ready then please sign-up for our newsletter here. Thank you.

      1. Ingri Cassel

        I have signed up for the newsletter (did a long time ago) and the Panida is a theater…. In fact they have 2 theaters with the smaller one being the same size as the Magic Lantern which screened Vaxxed for a full two weeks. So I am not sure how the Magic Lantern screening is a theatrical run but the Panida would be a week long “event screening”? Please explain. I am sure others are also curious how two theaters are categorized differently.

        1. Post

          My apologies, I may of misunderstood the original question. If the theater is looking to book the film then they should contact the distributor, Cinema Libre Studio, specifically rcastro@cinemalibrestudio.com, this is for theater film buyers only. However, if an organization or person is looking to rent out a theater then that qualifies as an “event screening” and is handled differently.

  3. Kristi

    El Paso, Texas has two pages – both are not the one you have listed on here (which only has 1 member for some reason).
    We have a page that can be “liked” for general info https://www.facebook.com/vaxxedep/?fref=nf

    There is also a closed group that allows discussions and info to share without judgement of having post show up in newsfeed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1079300082113817/

    We are really hoping to bring this to our town. We are a border town AND a military town so vaccines are always being pushed here by pediatricians.

    1. Post
    1. Post
    1. Post

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