Bella Tommey on life with Billy

Bella talks about the challenges that a lot of autism siblings face every day.

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  1. Robin Snyder

    Our granddaughter has been adversely affected by her brother. I watched her as a small baby/toddler (she is 4 years younger than him), watching him and wondered, “what is she picking up from this extreme ADHD, bouncing off the walls behavior and yes, it “rubbed” off on her. In addition, she has
    juvenile diabetes, which is also epidemic in families. Children with siblings who are either autistic, aspergers and type I diabetes. It is also often both in the same child. I don’t see anyone addressing the juvenile diabetes epidemic. She was only 2 1/2 when she was diagnosed. She had had two sets of vaccines before our daughter put a stop to it, worrying about the vaccines her brother had had.

  2. Kathy

    Thank you for helping to show the world that the ill effects of vaccines ruin so many lives. It can be changed if medical professionals and legislators would listen to this information, to those affected and stop protecting pharmaceutical companies and their profits. In my opinion every person who refuses to take this information to heart shares the burden of these victims and their families. The answer to the questions of why pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued, and children (except the Amish) must be vaccinated regardless of parental informed consent as to the risks, why medical professionals blindly support the vaccines is simply money. When will our country wakeup and protect our children from vaccinations that are causing this criminal process. Families are devastated emotionally, physically and financially. Intelligent people like medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies are protecting their products and the livelihoods rather than the public. I pray they wake up and or share the agony personally.

  3. Vickie

    So many of us are hoping to see the movie up here in the high desert of ca. Maybe Lancaster or Bakersfield Ca please! How can I help bring it up here? Thanks for all your hard work!! ,’•)

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