Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I see the film?

There are currently three ways to watch Vaxxe; in a theater, via the DVD (pre-order), and the digital stream rental. We will also be rolling out a licensing program soon to allow private events, medical offices, and educational institutions to show the film.

2) Why is the film not available outside of the US and Canada?

Our international sales team is working hard to finalize deals in territories outside of the U.S. and Canada. It does take some time to put these deals together and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

A film distributor normally works with a distributor in each territory as they are experts in any laws or regulations that affect film importation. They also have relationships with the theatres, retail accounts, broadcasters and digital platforms. They also oversee the rollout of the film with an eye and ear to localized cultural differences or sensitivities.

As some of you may have heard, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe will be available for pre-order on DVD and an exclusive stream option in the U.S. and Canada ONLY as of August. The DVDs sold in the U.S. will be Region 1, and protected against piracy with order options geo-blocked (meaning the order will automatically not be processed to addresses outside of U.S. and Canada. This is the usual practice when a film is released while terms are still being discussed with other countries, as movies are never released in every country at the same time.

For our international supporters who daily express their passion for Vaxxed, don’t worry your patience will soon pay off!

3) How do I bring Vaxxed to a theatre in my city?

Vaxxed has partnered with Gathr to introduce a Theatrical on Demand program that allows anyone to create a screening request to show Vaxxed in their city. Once a request is made, other patrons can reserve tickets. Once enough tickets are reserved, the screening is booked with the theater and charges are made. Learn more about this program here.

If this program does not suit your needs then please fill out this request form. We will be rolling out an “event screening” program for special events, festivals/conventions, and smaller screenings soon.

4) How can I organize a Q&A with the filmmakers?

Updated – 11/22: The Vaxxed filmmakers have recently completed a length Vaxxed Bus Tour where they toured the country visiting various Gathr screenings. They are deserving a much needed break, but do plan to continue to tour again in January of 2017.

If you would like to request the filmmakers at your event then you can do so through this form. We cannot guarantee that the filmmakers will be available or that we can respond to every request.

For general filmmaker requests not related to the Vaxxed Nation Tour please fill out this form.

5) Can we hand out literature at a screening of Vaxxed?

We ask that groups DO NOT ask the theater about this, nor that they do this outside of their reserved auditorium.

6) How do I help promote this film in my U.S City?

Thank you. If you’ve signed up for the newsletter and checked boxes such as “I want to help with social media,” we’ll reach out to you by email when we are ready to kick off a “work group” in your city once the film is booked there. You can also join one of the existing Facebook groups here

We also ask for help via the newsletter and Facebook. Keep your eyes peeled.

7) When will the film come to my country (Outside of the US)?

Our distributor, Cinema Libre Studio, is actively communicating with distributors in all the main foreign territories. As each country has unique processes regulating film distribution, this is the route we are pursuing to ensure the film has the maximum impact upon release.

We have started Facebook pages in some countries; please join as this shows demand and lets us share news pertaining to your country.

In some countries/cities, other have started their own pages, which are too numerous to list here, but feel free to join them. Here is a list of some of these groups.

For the immediate future, we will not be granting individual screening licenses except for Film Festivals. As soon as we’ve brought distribution partners on board, we’ll let you know via the newsletter.

10) Where can I purchase Vaxxed merchandise?

You can support the filmmakers by purchasing merchandise here for the US, and here for UK/Europe.

11) Where can I connect with families of Vaccine injured children?

Our resource page has a number of helpful links for information, groups, and support.

Many of the amazing people we’ve met on the road have been asking for a supportive place where families can share their personal stories, so Polly, Sheila Ealey and Karen Kain have created a page for just that:

The new also features a large collection of stories from the Vaxxed tour.

12) I’ve seen the film and want to take action!